About Us

Illimité Agency, founded in 2020 by Mette Klouman, is an international contemporary circus booking agency, based in Stockholm. We specialize in bringing Swedish contemporary circus to venues and festivals worldwide. 

The artists represented by Illimité Agency are some of the most outstanding contemporary circus companies that Sweden has to offer. Their performances range from exquisite contact juggling to spectacular multi teeterboard acts. From shimmering hand to hand acrobatics to engaging children’s shows. 

Illimité Agency always strives to present performances that are on the forefront of what contemporary circus is and can be. The Illimité companies truly are the next generation of Swedish circus.

Mette Klouman – Founder & CEO

In 2010, Cirkus Cirkör, Sweden’s groundbreaking contemporary circus company, became Mette’s place of work, home and way of life, first in marketing, PR and sales, and eventually as Head of International Relations, where cultivating close relationships, establishing and nurturing long-term partnerships and extending the company’s network around the world proved to be her calling. 

Driven by her passion for circus and circus artists, Mette’s aim in creating Illimité Agency is to bring the rich array of talent that she constantly sees blossoming and evolving to the attention of audiences in Sweden and the world, through an agency devoted solely to fostering emerging Swedish circus companies. Her ambition is to fulfill the short and long-term dreams of each company and to take them wherever they see themselves going, be it a small outdoor tour in France or a major co-production at BAM in NYC. She envisions Illimité as the foremost advocate for outstanding Swedish circus and hopes one day the agency will become synonymous with Sweden as an incubator for cutting edge contemporary companies. Unlimited talent, just as the agency’s name suggests. 

Mette’s background in editing, copywriting, translation (besides Swedish and English she is fluent in French), marketing and not the least her eight years helping to bring Cirkör’s productions to prestigious venues all over the world make her uniquely qualified for her new endeavor as an agent. She knows the industry, but equally important are her dedication, energy, enthusiasm and the warm personal bonds she has formed with a host of circus artists, theaters, festivals, organizers as well as financiers, embassies and cultural institutions on every continent.

Thanks to:

Cirkus Cirkör and Tilde Björfors for ten amazing years and for teaching me what a roue cyr is.

My wonderful circus companies for trusting in me – I’ll do my very best.

Klaus Salminen for building me this beautiful website.

Pina Nilson for all your texts in brilliant English – if you’re looking for a writer or translator, look no further. Her email address is [email protected]


This website wouldn’t have been possible without all the brilliant photos that the circus companies graciously allowed me to use. If you need first class images for your project, I strongly recommend you contact any of the following:

Einar Kling Odencrants (Below Zero Company and Emil Dahl)

Emil Dahl (Emil Dahl)

Hans Vera (Emil Dahl)

Isak Stockås (Below Zero Company)

Jakob Jelen (Svalbard Company)

Joakim Björklund (Below Zero Company)

José Figueroa (Kompani Giraff)

Mikko Pirinen (Circus I Love You)

Minja Kaukkoniemi (Circus I Love You)

Misaki Fukuda (Emil Dahl)

Sofia Kallner (Scandinavian Boards)

Valérie Thénard Béal (Scandinavian Boards)