KORUS is the upcoming production from Below Zero. The title is the Swedish word for “collective voice” which is also the theme of the piece.In KORUS you meet four artists who are coming together on stage, unaware of what is happening in the outside world, unaware of the chaos that is closing in. They are performing incredible feats of balance, strength and acrobatics but when the outside no longer can be ignored, what happens then?

KORUS provokes the idea of what coming together really means. Through hand to hand acrobatics, tight wire walking and teeterboard the artists indulge in the risk of circus and cooperation. Cooperation is something the world thinks highly of, but when does the world really come together? When do people work together seamlessly? When the future looks dark, we do our best to survive, to come out on the other side. But we forget that we don’t want to be alone if we do.

The score for KORUS is composed by Mischa Grind. When the company first heard his music they were convinced that his artistic vision aligned with their ideas for KORUS and the collaboration began. Mischas music is influenced by everything from traditional folk music to the urban techno scene. The combination creates nuances of a magical atmosphere for the audience to dwell in and reflect upon.


Sara Runsten – Flyer

Sara creates stories with her body by blending circus arts with her passion for physical acting.

Axel Ahl – Base

Axel has been performing since a young age but in different art forms. When he finally found circus and pair acrobatics he knew what he was meant to be doing. Axel constantly tries to find beautiful words that he can incorporate in his personal work.

Lukas Ivanow – Acrobat

Lukas has spent many years touring the world with his teeterboard act. His source of joy has always originated from playfulness. 

Klara Sköldulf Philipp – Tight Wire Artist

Klara created her own personal education in circus as she indulged in different artistic courses. Studying everything from site specific arts to politic stage art and deeper understanding of her circus practices.